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Getting started with professional and corporate photography

Photography is a great career. The best part is it does not matter which college degree you get, it is more about the creativity and the talent. These are the essentials that will take you places. Now let us take a sneak peek into the main requirements.

There are basically two ways to make it into professional photography. One way is to go to a photography school and the other is to work as a photographer's assistant.


This way is recommended to those who know they want to pursue photography from the very childhood. It is very important that you carefully choose the right course so that you can benefit from this golden chance and let it not go waste. You should choose a course that gets your basics right, develops your innovative style. You should ensure that you receive everything you seek from the course. Hence, look at the contents of the curriculum, research on topics you don't understand and talk to a lot of people. Have a word with the students on the course and the professors teaching the course. Be ready with the questions and clarify all your doubts. During this time it is very important that you get an idea of how the market works. Establish contacts and try to gather some work experience by working alongside a professional photographer. So when you are satisfied with the faculty and equipment you know you are heading the right way.


For those who have found their dream late and cannot afford to go to college, this is for you. Now, this is not at all easy. You have to be ready for some rejections. But that should not stop you. The competition out there is very difficult and you may have a tough time looking for a job. The first step is to get a portfolio ready. There should be more than ten to twelve photographs and should capture varied subjects. Have both an online and offline portfolio. You need to approach as many photographers as possible. Working as an assistant will give you quick recognition, a clear picture of how things work in the real business world work, new techniques in photography, how to deal with clients and suppliers. The benefits are plenty, you just need to follow your passion and not get disheartened.


If you have not gone to college or worked as an assistant it takes a while to establish your name in the market. You need to have patience and if you are lucky, there maybe people willing to help you.


Another area where you can carve a niche for yourself is photography competition. Try to grab as many opportunities as possible. Aim for those competitions where the media coverage is far and wide but don't ignore the small ones. You simply never know when opportunity comes your way.


Try and get your work published in magazines. Editors are open to new work. So make yourself ready and pitch right.

To wrap it up, we suggest that grab opportunities, explore new avenues and pursue your passion. No one can stop you from being a pro!